My name is Bardia Housman. I’m an entrepreneur. I love business. To me, building a business is like painting on an invisible canvas that only you can see in its early years. I’ve had businesses all my life and so far I’ve built and exited two successful technology companies. My last company was acquired by Adobe where I worked for a number of years, so I've been to both sides and back. I recently returned home to Australia after spending just shy of a decade living in San Francisco. I’m married and have a beautiful wife, two daughters and a son. Nowadays I live and breathe business ideas. I see opportunities in almost anything I look at. And I love dissecting them.

I grew up with a Commodore Amiga. I used to run a large, multi-node BBS in Sydney, Australia at the beginning of the ‘90s. I studied a bachelor of business so I'm more of a business guy, nonetheless I was the main engineer for both of my acquired companies. I love news and politics. I also love sports – if I could ski all day, I would. My favorite past time is to have [English] soccer on the TV when no one else is at home. Last but not least, I'm intrigued by the golden color of beer.

This photo is taken at StartupHQ, one of my projects in SoMa, San Francisco. (credit: Eoin McMillan)